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Speed log JLN-205MK2

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The JLN-205MK2 is a stable and highly accurate measurement tool to ensure stable speed data utilizing high frequencies ultrasonic waves.

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Dual LED backlight

The unit incorporates many display modes readily available on a highly visible 4.5-inch LCD display. Besides the display being fully dimmable and having backlit keys, it features dual LED backlight (white and orange), making it easy to operate in various light settings on the bridge.

Clear view

Multiple display modes are available from the menu with main data displayed in large characters for easy reading. You can easily switch at your own convenience, particularly useful when a situation requires specific information.



The transducer is compact and constructed of light weight moulded rubber, to minimize the effects on aeration, which allows stable and accurate operation.


Gate valve

Using an optional gate valve transducer allows for long-term cost saving and easy maintenance as dry docking is not necessary.

Error free

An ultrasonic beam is transmitted in fore and aft directions. At the same time, the hull motions such as rolling and pitching are detected and removed by simply measuring the difference of the Doppler shift reception signal, ensuring accurate and stable speed data, even in the roughest conditions.

Uniform operation

In keeping with the company’s philosophy of an easy to use Man Machine Interface, the new generation displays have allowed JRC’s engineers to develop an exciting new software approach for uniform operation.


Flexible data and dimmer share

The display of the JLN-205MK2 can be purchased separately as Multi Info Display (MID). It allows full NMEA0183 data share for up to 10 displays and can be flexibily installed. The same applies for dimmer share. By changing the intensity on one of the units, it automatically shares the new settings to the other displays. Sample:


In this sample, the display with ID4 receives data (RS-422) from signal distributor and outputs vessel speed data (RS-485) to all connected display. Dimmer share has been separated in two groups, whereas group 1 can be operated by external dimmer and group 2 is linked pressing the button on the display.

Signal distributor

This speed log incorporates a highly reliable interfacing field. You can easily connect a wide range of additional equipment to optimize your configuration.
A second display, smaller remote displays and analogue indicators are just a few of the possibilities. The JLN-205MK2 can also output the measurement information to radar and ecdis.


Signal processor

The transducer room has a quite bad environment with regard to vibration and humidity, therefore, before signal is distributed to various equipment, the transducer is directly connected to the processor, minimizing loss of signal and extending cable length to hundreds of meters.

No flush mount kit

With JRC’s new design approach, a flush mount kit is not required and screws are nicely concealed behind the front cover.


In the box

Display + Bracket
Signal distributor
Signal processor
Transducer + cable (30 m)
Data/Power cable (2 m)
Spare parts
Plates + Manual


Gatevalve transducer
NKF-531E (with 25 m cable)
Slave display
Analog display
NWW-24/25/26 (flush/wall/table mount)
Distance counter
NWW-7 (Up to 9999.99NM)
Data/Power cable
CFQ-5766A/D/F (2/10/20 m)
Data cable (3 m)
CFQ-5769 (RS-485 network)
T-shape connector
AA-040404-MMM-TL (RS-485 network)
Dimmer unit
NCM-227 (for NWZ-4610)
Junction box
CQD-10 (extending signal distributor)


Model JLN-205MK2
IMO compliant
Operating method Dual beam pulse Doppler system
Frequency 2MHz
Speed range -10kn to 40kn
Distance run (range) 0 to 99999.99NM (NWW-7 is 9999.99NM)
Depth range Relative speed to water of depth greater than 3 meter below hull bottom
Speed accuracy ±1% or ±0.1kn whichever value is greater
Distance accuracy ±1% or ±0.1kn in each hour whichever value is greater
Speed unit kn or m/s
Display unit 4.5-inch monochrome LCD (128 by 64 dots)
Backlight White and orange LED selectable
Dimmer levels Bright, medium, dark, off
Dimmer control Keys or external control
Contrast 13 levels
Keys 12 (backlit) keys
Alarm indication Sound and/or LCD backlight color change
IEC-61162-1 input RMC, RMA or VTG (for displaying SOG from GPS)
IEC-61162-1 output 8 ports (NMEA0183 ver 1.5 or 2.3: VBW, VLW sentence)
Other output Ship’s speed: 2 ports (DC voltage signal for analog display -2V to 10V DC)
Log pulse: 4 ports (Opto-coupler signal 200 pulses/NM, 30V, 50mA max)
Log signal: 1 port (Relay closure signal 200 pulses/NM, 30V, 1A max)
Slave display signal: 2 ports
Distance signal: 1 port
Remote display signal: 1 port
RMS: 1 port
Power fail alarm: 1 port (Relay closure signal 250V, 5A max)
Power supply voltage 100-115V/220-230V AC ±10%, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Less than 100VA
Ambient conditions Temperature: -15 to 55°C (operating)
Relative humidity: 0% to 93% non-condensing
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