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The JHS-431 is a 2 Watt UHF intrinsically safe transceiver designed for on-board communications in ship operations, loading/unloading, and mooring. The JHS-431’s intrinsically safe structure meets ATEX Directive 94/9/EC for use when transporting flammable, dangerous materials by Tanker, LPG carrier, LNG carrier and/or LO carrier.

Intrinsically Safe Structure

JHS-431 is intrinsically safe and is approved for use when transporting, loading or unloading flammable, dangerous materials. The advanced, structurally sound casing and design ensure its safe use in conditions where intrinsically safe communication is necessary.

Waterproof Design

The complies with IP67 international protection rating ensure its use even in rainy or severe splash conditions.

Tone Squelch Function (option)

The JHS-431 features 2 tone squelch frequencies that can be pre-set.

Easy Operation

The ergonomic design of the unit and placement of the control knob and keys allow single handed operation and a wide screen viewer for channel identification.

Low Power Consumption

The Lithium-Ion battery provides minimal power consumption with long lasting operation. The sleep mode function ensures more than 10 hours of use between charging.

Additional Channel (option)

3 more communication channels can be installed as a pre-set option.

Standard Components

Item Model Q’ty Note
Transceiver JHS-431 1
Antenna FA-S27U 1 Whip antenna
Battery pack BP-227AXD 1 7.4V, 1850mAh (Lithium-Ion battery)
Carrying strap MB-80 1
Belt clip MB-79 1
Instruction manual 7ZPJD0566 1
Instruction manual A-6955H-1EU 1 A6 size (For reference)
Inspection data 1

Optional Components

Item Model Remarks
External speaker/microphone HM-138 Waterproof type
Spare battery pack BP-227AXD 7.4V, 1850mAh (Lithium-Ion battery)
Spare antenna FA-S27U Whip antenna
Carrying case MPXP33443A Genuine leather
Battery charger NZB-139 Desktop mount type (100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 30VA)
Ledge for 6 battery chargers NZB-141 Wall mount type (100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 100VA)
Rack for 6 battery chargers NZB-142 Desktop mount type (100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 30VA)
Antenna NAU-6 For non-powered antenna system (for both indoor and outdoor use, with N-type connector)
Antenna NAU-3C For non-powered antenna system (for indoor use, with an BNC-type connector)
Antenna FB-400N For non-powered antenna system (for indoor use, with N-type connector)
Antenna fixing plate MPJC00683B
Connector for coaxial cable N-P-10U For cable connection
Connector for coaxial cable N-TA-JJJ For cable connection
Connector for coaxial cable N-A-JJ For cable connection
Cable divider D2-4501 For cable dividing
Cable divider D3-4501 For cable dividing


Model JHS-413
Frequencies CH1 457.525MHz OP1 467.525MHz
CH2 457.550MHz OP2 467.550MHz
CH3 457.575MHz OP3 467.575MHz
Emission Type F3E
Output power 2W (Low: 0.2W)
Tone squelch Up to 2 frequencies
Sensitivity 8dBμ or less (20dB NQS)
Battery Li-Ion Battery (7.4V DC, 1850mAh)
Service hours More than 10 hours (TX1, RX1, Standby18)
Protection Rate IP67
Intrinsically Safe ATEX Directive 94/9/EC
Gas: II2GD Ex ib IIA T3
Dust:II2GD Ex tD A21 T160°C
Temperature -20°C to +55°C (Operate)
Antenna impedance 50Ω unbalanced