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DGPS receiver JLR-4341 (DGPS 224)


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Internal SBAS receiver
The DGPS224 includes SBAS(MSAS/WAAS/EGNOS) receiver.
By using SBAS you can achieve precise position.
Internal Differential Beacon Receiver
The DGPS224 includes a beacon receiver and GPS receiver.
By using DGPS you can achieve true DGPS accuracy.
RAIM function
The accuracy of position fixes in self-tested by the DGPS224.(RAIM function)
This function assures higher reliability to the position fix than conventional method.
12-Channel Parallel for Receiving 12 Satellites Simultaneously
The DGPS224 is designed to simultaneously receive signal from 12 orbiting satellites, ensuring the most accurate positioning. And also, typically 40 seconds for first position fixing without GPS almanac data.
IEC61162-1, NMEA0183 Output
Since the output data is changeable IEC61162-1, NMEA0183 version1.5, 2.1 and 2.3, you can connect the DGPS224 to various marine electronics equipment such as marine radars, fishfinders, plotters or others.


Receiver type Multichannel (12-CH, SBAS 1-CH) all-in-view
Frequency 1575.42MHz±1MHz (C/A code)
Sensitivity -135dBm for tracking
Accuracy 13m 2DRMS (C/A code, HDOP<=4, SA OFF)
5m 2DRMS when DGPS corrected
7m 2DRMS when SBAS corrected
Time to first fix Typically 40 seconds (cold start fix)
Typically 33 seconds (warm start fix)
Position update Normally every 1 seconds
DGPS input RTCM SC-104 ver.2.0 type1,2,7,9 available
Data output Signal output port, TTL level
IEC61162-1, NMEA0183 ver.1.5/2.1/2.3 selectableIEC61162-1, ver.2.3 GGA, RMC, VTG, ZDA, DTM, GBS, GNS
ver.1.5 GGA, RMC, GLL, VTG
ver.2.1 GGA, RMC, GLL, VTG, DTM
Beacon frequency 283.5 to 325kHz
Selection of beacon S.T Auto / Manual
Geodetic datum 46 (WGS-84, WGS-72, Japan, America,
Canada/Alaska, Europe, Australia,England,
NAD-83, other 37)
Power 12/24VDC +30%, -10% (less than 2.5W)
Operating temperature -25 to +55°C




Name Model Qty Remarks
OPTION DGPS Receiver JLR-4341 1 Include 15m cable with connector
Instruction manual 7ZPNA4162 1 English
Cable protection sheet MPPK31468 1
STANDARD Installation kit 7ZYNA4001A 1
Instruction manual 7ZPNA4161 (1) Japanese
Adapter MTV302007A (1)
Binding belt MPBP30519 (1)
Extension cable CFQ-9000 1 15m