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•  Large LCD Display
Necessary navigational information can be displayed on a large LCD screen at a glance, ensuring simple operation without troublesome switchover of displays.
•  More Accurate DGPS Positioning
Differential GPS position data is automatically received in DGPS service areas, and own ship’s position fixes are displayed with very high accuracy.
•  Waypoint Memory
Up to 499 waypoints can be stored in the internal memory with their place names in 8 alphanumeric characters.
•  Data Outputs
Two data ports are provided: one is an RS-422 port, and the format is selec-table from NMEA0180, NMEA0183 (version 1.5 or 2.1) and a JRC.
•  Navigational Calculations
Navigational calculations are made in the Great Circle or Rhumb Line mode.
•  Loran C/A TD Display
The GPS position fixes can be converted into Loran C or A time difference values and displayed on the LCD screen.


Position Accuracy GPS position fix 15m 2D RMS (HDOP≤4)
DGPS position fix 5m 2D RMS (HDOP≤4)
Beacon Receiving Receiving frequency 283.5KHz to 325KHz
Frequency step 500Hz
Beacon station selection Automatic or manual setting
of a frequency and baud rate.
Demodulation Minimum shift keying(MSK)
RF bit rate 50/100/200 bps
General Functions Display type 5-inch STN LCD, 160 x 128 dots
Back-lighting EL (LCD), lamps (keyboard)
Waypoint memory Up to 499 waypoints including 100 event
marks (WPT No. 400 to 499), each point with
a place name in 8 alphanumeric characters
Route plan One route with up to 499 waypoints
Alarms Waypoint arrival, cross track error, anchor watch, boundary and no-fix
Position correction Selectable from 46 geodetic datum, and manual lat./lon. entry
Display language: English or Japanese
Operating temperature DGPS Receiver: -25 to +55degC
Display Unit: -15 to+55degC
Power requirementsont 12/24 VDC, 10W or less
100/220 VAC with AC power supply unit (option)
Component Model Q’ty
Display unit NWZ-4570B 1
DGPS Receiver NNN-4331 1
DC Power cable CFQ-3598B 1
Screw mount MTV302007 1
Fitting belt MPBP02520 1set
DGPS connection cable CFQ-8919 1
Junction box NQE-7700 2
Pole mounting kid MPBP30608 1kit
Instruction parts Copper tape, Connector 1set
Spare parts 2A Fuses 3
Instruction manual 1copy
Extension cable 250V-MPYCYS-5 Option