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Compact, the smallest in the world!
The JSB-196 can be installed in an convenient location abroad fishing vessels, yatch and workboats of all sizes, and itsÕ high quality communication is achieved by the stabilized output power and DSP Digital Signal Processing technologies.
Easy Operation with Jog Dial and Large, Clear LCD
Changing Frequency, communication mode, power output, squelch, AGC, etc, is easy with the Jog Dial, back-lit keypad and large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).
Wide Frequency Range
Covering fully the HF marine band 1.6 to 29.9999MHz for transmission and 0.1 to 29.9999MHz for reception, the JSB-196 also is programmed with all ITU channels for easy use.
DSC Class A Terminal for Voluntary Fitting (option)
200 Programmable Memory Channels
User definable channels are stored in a non-volatile memory that can be easily and quickly accessed with the Jog Dial. The programmable channels are stored in groups of 10 for easy scanning, with a maximum of 20 channels per group.
Operation Mode
In addition to USB/LSB SSB radiotelephone and more telegraph, HF e-mail and DSC are available with external modems.
HF e-mail Compatibility (Option)
The global e-mail service is an inexpensive and reliable marine HF e-mail service. The twenty coast stations around the world are connected via the internet to a central message processing system which delivers the e-mails generated from the optional onboard personal computer and dedicated modem.


JSB-196 SSB Radiotelephone
Genera Frequency range Transmit 1.6 to 29.9999MHz
Receive 0.1 to 29.9999MHz
Frequency increments 100Hz
Frequency tolerance ±40Hzor better
User definable channels 200CH (20CH×10 Groups)
Emission mode J3E (USB), LSB, A1A, F1B, H2B, H3E (Reception only)
Preset ITU channels 1693ch
519 ITU A1A
891 ITU F1B
Scanning channels 20 user defined channels
Antenna impedance 50ohms
Operating temperature -15degC to +55degC
Power requirements DC13.6V±10%(12.3VDC to 15.0VDC)
Tx:40Amax Rx:2Amax
(openable between 10.2VDC and 16.2VDC)
Transmitter Output power 150Wpp
Carrier suppression 40dB or better
Spurious suppression 40dB or better
AF frequency response 350 to 2700Hz(6dB band width)
Microphone input 600ohms
Line input 600ohmsA0dBm (balanced)
Receiver Receiving systems Triple superheterodyne
Intermediate frequency 70.455MHzA455MHzA20.217MHz
J3EF6.3uV or less (1.6 ∼ 4MHz)
3.5uV or less (4 ∼ 29.9999MHz)
F1BF1.8uV or less (1.6 ∼ 4MHz)
1.0uV or less (4 ∼ 29.9999MHz)
AF output 5.0Wmax. 1W rated
Clarifier range ±200Hz in 1Hz steps
Line output 600ohms 0dBm (balanced)
Two-Tone Generator Frequency of tones 1300Hz and 2200Hz
Frequency tolerance ±1.5% or better
Duration of tones 250ms±10ms
Variation between two tones 1:1.2 or less
Duration of the alarm signal 30 to 60s
Modulation depth 80%±10%
Antenna Tuner(option)
Frequency range 1.6 to 30MHz
Power capability 200Wpep
SWR after tuning 2 : 1
Tuning time Automatic tuning: typical 3s
Preset tuning: typical 0.1s
Operating temperature -30degC to +60degC
Power requirements 10.2VDC to 16.2VDC
1.5A max
Components Model Q’ty Remarks
SSB Radiotelephone JSB-196 1  
Hand Microphone NVT-133 1  
Power cable 7ZCJD0043 1 L = 1m
Accessory JSB 196-Access 1 Spare fuse, terminal, etc.
Instruction Manual 7ZPJD0108 1 English
Model Model Remarks
Antenna Tuner NFC-196 With 5m RF and control cables
DSC Terminal NCT-196 With 1.5m control cable and 3m power cable (for voluntary fitting)
DC-DC Converter NBG-300